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June 26, 2018 - I could begin by complaining/ranting about the condition of the United States of America, but that's for another day...

Instead, want to hear about my new (well, since May 13th) 2018 Honda Clarity? Thought so. It is spacious. Nice for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV - fev?). Charges fine overnght at 120V - just don't use the Honda Link scheduling app. If you plug in after the set time, it doesn't charge that night! It is a relatively smooth ride and quiet as well, especially on electric. I can drive to and from work each day and not use up the 47 miles of battery. Sweet. My friends say that I should be concerned about gas stagnating in the tank but I think I will take longer trips to replace the gas often enough. We'll see. Pay attention to the Economy mode. I have caught it turning off occasionally - I don't think it's anything that I have done but it bears further watching.

Not a big fan of the display but it works well enough. Doesn't always sense my attached iPhone so I need to unplug it and re-plug it in. I've read that Apple CarPlay's next update will enable use of Waze. That's good as Apple Maps still sends you in odd directions and dead ends.

Finally, for this entry, my main complaint is that there is no way to prevent entry into the trunk after breaking into the front. There is no interior lock as there was in my Accord. Sure, if you break in and push the trunk release, the alarm will go off, but if they are fast, you will be out of luck. And there is no valet key. Someone was not on the ball.

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