Maryland State Cup (Soccer) Information - Girls

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Table Key: ††National Champ; National Finalist; ***Regional Champ; **Regional Finalist; *Regional Semi-finalist
WC, Wild Card; PLWC, Region 1 Premier League Representative
YEAR U20 U19 U18 U17 U16 U15 U14 U13 U12 U11 U10
  Alfredda E. Iglehart Robin Miller Charlotte Moran Ringsdorf Mavis Derflinger Patricia Libercci Terry Kullback Lee Hood Adele Dolansky Barlow
2011   FC Frederick BETH Dragons** Baltimore SC Bays BETH Freedom 94/95** SAC United Premier** PSI Balt. 97 MSC Coyotes Green XX XX XX
2010   BETH Sharks* Laurel Lightning BETH Dragons Baltimore SC Bays FREE Elite 94 SAC United Premier*** PSC Balt. 97*** XX XX XX
2009   Freestate Shooters** Laurel Wildcats Laurel Lightning Baltimore Bays 93(BETH Dragons-PLWC) Baltimore SC Bays BETH Freedom 94/95 BETH Freedom 95 XX XX XX
2008   BETH Extreme
(Baltimore Bays '89-WC)
Freestate Shooters Laurel Wildcats Freestate Phoenix* FC Frederick* BSC Bays BETH Freedom 94/95*** XX XX XX
2007   BETH Eclipse BETH Extreme BETH Rapids Laurel Wildcats* SAC United Premier BSC Bays BETH Freedom 93 Baltimore Bays 95* XX XX
2006   BETH Excel** BETH Eclipse
(BETH Phoenix-WC)
BETH Extreme BETH Rapids**
(FREE Shooters-PLWC)
BETH Blast** CSA Hornets Laurel United Premier SCB Bays '94**
8v8: Greater Severna Park Dynamites***
2005 BETH United* BETH United* BETH Excel BETH Eclipse* BETH Extreme BETH Rapids* BETH Blast BETH Blitz* SAC United Premier*** XX XX
2004 Olney MD United** BETH Dragons BETH Strikers
(BETH Rowdies-WC)
BETH Excel*** BETH Eclipse** SCB Bays '89 FREE Shooters** BETH Blast** SAC United Premier XX XX
2003 Balt. Bays BETH Fury* BETH Dragons*** BETH Strikers
(BETH Rowdies-PLWC)
BETH Excel BETH Eclipse* Laurel Wildcats SAC United Premier* BETH Blast
(SAC United Premier-WC)
2002 Balt. Bays BETH/Freestate BETH Fury*** FRED United Sting** BETH Rowdies BETH Excel BETH Eclipse BETH Extreme SAC United Premier XX XX
2001 BFC BETH/FREE Scorpions Waldorf Piranhas BETH Fury†† BETH Dragons* BETH Rowdies Damascus Spirit** BETH Eclipse Blue BETH Extreme XX XX
2000 MD United SAC Magic* BETH Scorpions* BETH Falcons BETH Fury** BETH Sting BETH Rowdies BETH Excel BETH Eclipse Blue** XX XX
1999 BFC Energizers SAC United Magic Freestate United BETH Scorpions* BETH Falcons BETH Fury*** BETH Dragons*** CRFT MD United BETH Excel* XX XX
1998 Freestate Fusion BFC Energizers** SAC Magic BETH Broncos BETH Scorpions** BETH Falcons* BETH Fury** BETH Dragons* PSC Phoenix XX XX
1997 SAC United none CSC Phoenix** SAC Magic BETH Broncos* BETH Scorpions MSI Falcons BETH Fury*** BETH Dragons** XX XX
1996     POT Pros BFC Energizers* CSC Majestic BETH Broncos BETH Scorpions** MSI Falcons** BETH Fury** XX XX
1995   SAC Chargers Chesapeake Bay Thunder** SAC Spirit Harford Energizers CSC MD Majestic BETH Broncos BETH Scorpions MSI Falcons BETH Fury BETH Dragons
1994   SAC Crusaders BETH Blizzard** Chesapeake Bay Thunder POT Pros Harford Energizers BETH Force*** BETH Broncos BETH Scorpions MSI Falcons BETH Fury
1993   SAC Crusaders   BETH Blizzard   SAC Spirit   SCB Strikers BETH Broncos SEVP Hurricanes MSI Falcons
1992   BETH Peppers   SAC Command BETH Blizzard** BETH Comets** SAC Spirit Harford United Flash PSC Flame MSI BETH Best BETH Scorpions
1991           SAC Chargers BETH Comets*** SAC Spirit BETH Shakers SAC Magic  
1990   BETH Platypi       POT Cougars   BETH Comets*** SAC Spirit BETH Shakers  
1989   BETH Scorpions       SAC Crusaders   SAC Chargers BETH Comets*** St. Joe Shakedowns  
1988   BETH Scorpions       Harford United SAC Crusaders SAC Kicks SSA Fillies BETH Comets  
1987   BETH Pancats     SAC Choice MSI Express BETH Peppers SAC Crusaders SAC Kicks SSA Fillies  
1986   BETH/SAC Blitz**     BETH Scorpions Verstandig's Platypus MSI Express South Bowie Sun Rays BETH Bullfrogs    
1985   BETH Blast***     WHTN Angels BETH Scandal BSU Blue Devils BETH Blitz POT Bandits BETH Bullfrogs  
1984   BETH Blast     WHTN Panthers WHTN Angels BETH Scorpions BETH Fillies WHTN Waves BETH Peppers  
1983   BSU Bluetoads     SAC Eagles BETH Panthers   BETH Scorpions BETH Fillies BETH Blaze  
1982   BSU Bluetoads     BSU   WHTN Panthers   LAUR Lynx    
1981             BSU Mustangs   WHTN Blu's Angels    
1980   BSU Weebles         BSU Cheetahs   SAC Falcons    
1979   BSU Weebles         Camp Springs   SAC Falcons    
1978   BSU Weebles         BSU Bluetoads   BSU Mustangs    
1977   Camp Springs             Camp Springs Springers    
1976             Camp Springs Cobras        
Club Abbreviations
BFC - Baltimore Football Club; BETH - Bethesda Soccer Club; BSU - Bowie Soccer United; CSC - Columbia Soccer Club; FREE - Freestate; LAUR - Laurel Boys and Girls Club<; MSI /MSC- Montgomery Soccer, Inc.; PSC - Parkville Soccer Club; POT - Potomac Soccer Association; SSA - Seneca Soccer Association; SAC - Soccer Association of Columbia; SCB - Soccer Club of Baltimore; WHTN - Wheaton Soccer Club