Appearances in Paperbacks and Hardcovers

Here is a partial list of appearances of the Silver Surfer as of 5/23/10.
Please contact me with any suggestions, corrections or additions. A longer list of books is found at

The chronological list of comics is found here. URLOriginal YearISBNAuthor/EditorMiscellaneous Information
Mini Marvels: Secret InvasionRef.20090785137173Chris GiarrussoSS parody of Jack-in-the-Beanstalk
The Nearly Complete Essential Hembeck Archives OmnibusRef.20081582408726Fred HembeckSS occasional parodies
Captain America: Red, White & BlueRef.20070785128972Stan LeeSS at Captain America's funeral
Silver Surfer: Requiem PremierRef.20070785128489Stan LeeHC collection of Requiem issues 1-4
Annihilation, Book 3Ref.20070785125132Stan LeeAnnihilation, Heralds of Galactus, and Nova Corps Files
Annihilation, Book 2Ref.20070785125124Stan LeeSilver Surfer, Superskrull, Ronan
Annihilation, Book 1Ref.20070785125116Stan LeePrologue, Drax the Destroyer, and Nova
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver SurferRef.20071416548092Stacy WeissMass market PB recapping Movie
Silver Surfer: CommunionRef.20040785113193Stacy WeissReprints SS Vol. 4, #1-6
Marvel: The Characters and Their UniverseRef.20010883633426Michael MalloryCoffee table book discussion of the evolution of Marvel superheroes
Essential HulkRef.20010785107959Stan LeeVol. 2; Reprints Tales to Astonish 92 & 93
Marvel Fantastic FirstsRef.20010785108238Stan LeeIncludes reprint of Silver Surfer #1
DC/Marvel Crossover Classics, Vol. 2Ref.19981563893991Jenette Kahn & Stan LeeSuperman and SS switch universes by magic
Silver Surfer: Judgement DayRef.19980871354276Lee/BuscemaMephisto / Galactus
FF: Redemption of the Silver SurferRef.1997039914269XMichael Jan FriedmanSS helps the FF in the negative zone
Silver Surfer: SupermanRef.19960785102930 Mxyzptlk and Impossible Man
The Ultimate Silver SurferRef.19951572972998Stan LeeNew SS Stories
Marvel Masterworks: The FF, Vol. 5Ref.19930785111840Lee/KirbyReprints Issues 41-50 & Annual #3
Silver Surfer: The Coming of GalactusRef.1992087135957XLee/KirbyExtracts essentials from FF#48-50
Marvel Masterworks: The SS, Vol. 1Ref.19910785111875Lee/BuscemaReprints Issues #1-6
Silver Surfer: HomecomingRef.19910871358557Starlin/ReinholdThe Great One and Zenn-La
Marvel Masterworks: The SS, Vol. 2Ref.19900785111778Lee/BuscemaReprints Issues #7-18
Silver Surfer: The EnslaversRef.199024885234268Lee/PollardMrrungo-Mu
Harvey Kurtzman's Strange AdventuresRef.19900871356759KurtzmanSS parody chapter by Kurtzman and Gibbons
How to Draw Comics the Marvel WayRef.19840671530771Lee/BuscemaSS on page 133 from SS#14 (vol. 1)
The Silver SurferRef.19780671242253Lee/KirbyTen stories retold (Fireside)
Bring On the Bad GuysRef.19760671223550Stan LeeOrigins of Marvel Villians; reprints SS#3 introducing Mephisto

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