These are comics that I have purchased over the years and kept individually in bags (some mylar) with acid-free backboards. The listed conditions are my best estimates based on generally accepted standards (see below). However, I am not a professional.

Price is listed and comics will be sent first class to US or Canada only ($3.00 for any number of comics). Insurance is optional. I accept PayPal (add 5% surcharge) or cashiers checks/money orders. Offers that differ from listed prices are welcome.

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List entered 7/4/07; Updated 8/25/07.

PriceConditionComic NameStashMyComics
Issue #DateMiscellaneous Information
$3.00NM2099 LimitedReference Jun-93Sketchbook for 2099 Unlimited
$3.00NMArcher and ArmstrongReference0Jul-92Lifelines, Part 1: Revival
$5.00VF+AvengersReference168Feb-78First Blood
$1.00VGAvengersReference221Apr-85New Blood
$1.75NMAvengersReference266Apr-85And the War's Desolation
$3.00FBattle Of The Planets Volume 2Reference Nov-03Paperback, ISBN 1582403236
$7.00VFBattle Of The Planets Volume 3Reference Dec-03Paperback, ISBN 1582403325
$1.00NMBeavis and Butt-HeadReference7Jul-94 
$15.00FCaptain MarvelReference9Jan-69Between Hammer and Anvil
$2.00NMCivil WarReference Apr-06Opening Shot; Sketchbook
$3.00NMCivil WarReference2Sep-062nd Printing; Spider-Man Unmasked Variant
$3.00NMCivil WarReference3Sep-06 
$3.00NMCivil WarReference4Oct-06 
$3.00NMCivil WarReference5Nov-06 
$3.00NMCivil WarReference6Dec-06 
$3.00NMCivil WarReference7Feb-07 
$2.50NMCosmic PowersReference3May-94Jack of Hearts and Ganymede
$2.00NMDamage ControlReference1Jun-91The Sure Thing
$2.00NMDamage ControlReference2Jul-91Edifice Wrecks
$5.00G+DefendersReference8Sep-73If Atlantis Should Fall; Avengers vs. Defender, Part 1: Deception!!
$4.00NMDC vs. MarvelReference1Feb-96Heroes paired off as combatants
$4.00NMDC vs. MarvelReference3Feb-96Heroes paired off as combatants
$4.00NMDC vs. MarvelReference4Feb-96Heroes paired off as combatants
$4.00NMDC vs. MarvelReference4Feb-96Heroes paired off as combatants
$3.00NMDoctor StrangeReference1Feb-99The Flight of Bones
$2.00 Doom's IVReference1Aug-95 
$70.00VGFantastic FourReference49Apr-66Galactus (full) and 2nd appearance of Silver Surfer
$8.00GFantastic FourReference56Nov-66Klaw- the Murderous Master of Sound!; some writing on cover
$3.00fairFantastic FourReference56Nov-66Klaw- the Murderous Master of Sound!
$8.00GFantastic FourReference57Dec-66Enter Dr. Doom
free with
comic ³ $5
poorFantastic FourReference57Dec-66Enter Dr. Doom
free with
comic ³ $5
poorFantastic FourReference60Mar-67The Perils and the Power
$5.00GFantastic FourReference76Jul-68Stranded in Sub-Atomica
$16.00FFantastic FourReference77Aug-68Shall Earth Endure?
$6.00VFFantastic FourReference155Feb-75Battle Royale!
$4.00VFFantastic FourReference196Jul-78Who in the World is the Invincible Man?
$7.00VFFantastic FourReference200Nov-78When Titans Clash
$2.00GFantastic FourReference207Jun-79Might of the Monocle
$2.00GFantastic FourReference208Jul-79The Power of the Sphinx
$2.00GFantastic FourReference209Aug-79Trapped in the Sargrasso of Space!
$2.00VGFantastic FourReference211Oct-79If This Be Terrax the Tamer!
$3.00VFFantastic FourReference239Feb-82Wendy's Friends
$3.00NMFantastic FourReference257Aug-83Galactus devours Skrll Homeworld
$2.00NMFantastic FourReference258Sep-83:Interlude
$3.00NMFantastic FourReference10Aug-97Madmen and Prophets
$2.00NMFantastic FourReference56/485Aug-02Remembrance of Things Past
$2.00NMFantastic FourReference57/486Sep-02 
$2.00NMFantastic FourReference58/487Oct-02 
$2.00NMFantastic FourReference59/488Nov-02 
$3.00NMFantastic FourReference519Nov-04Fortitude, Part 3: Finale!
$3.00NMFantastic FourReference521Feb-05Rising Storm, Part 2
$3.00NMFantastic FourReference522Mar-05Rising Storm, Part 3
$3.00NMFantastic FourReference523Apr-05Rising Storm, Part 4
$3.00NMFantastic FourReference524May-05Tag
$3.00NMFantastic FourReference546Jul-07Reconstruction, Part 3: Aw, That's Just Crude
$3.00NMFantastic Four AnnualReference221989Atlantis Attacks
$2.00NMFantastic Four AnnualReference241991The Korvac Quest, Part 1
$2.00NMFantastic Four: Marvel AgeReference1Jun-04The Fantastic Four Meet the Mole Man!
$12.00FFantasy MasterpiecesReference4Aug-66 
$5.00NMGalactic Guardians (set of 4)Reference1-4 (set of 4)
$2.50NMGalactus the DevourerReference5Jan-00Herald
$2.00NMGrease MonkeyReference2Oct-95 
$1 ea.VF+Guardians of the GalaxyReference1-241990-5$1 each
$1 ea.VF+Guardians of the GalaxyReference26-571990-5$1 each
$1 ea.VF+Guardians of the GalaxyReference61-621990-5$1 each
$1.50NMGuardians of the Galaxy AnnualReference11991The Korvac Quest, part 4
$1.50NMGuardians of the Galaxy AnnualReference11991Korvac Quest, part 4
$1.50NMGuardians of the Galaxy AnnualReference21992The System Bytes, part 4
$3.00MintGuardians of the Galaxy AnnualReference31993(unopened)
$4.00NMInfinity GauntletReference1Jul-91GOD
$1.00NMKings in DisguiseReference5Feb-89 
$1.00NMMagic the Gathering Wayfarer Reference2Dec-95 
$3.00NMMarvel Adventures Fantastic FourReference27Oct-07FF meets Inhumans
$3.00NMMarvel Comics PresentsReference1Sep-99Wolverine; Save the Tiger, Part 1
$3.50GMarvel Team-UpReference10Jun-73Spider-Man and Human Torch: Time Bomb
$2.00VFMarvel Two-In-OneReference99May-83Thing and ROM: Ghost Stories For a Rainy Night
$7.00NMMarvelsReference3Mar-94Judgment Day (acetate cover)
$3.00NMNamor the Sub-MarinerReference2May-90Eagle's Wing and Lion's Claw
$2.00NMNinjak YearbookReference1Dec-94 
$1.00NMRai and the Future ForceReference15Nov-93The Battle For South Am, Part 2: One For All
$2.00NMSecond Life of Doctor MirageReference1Nov-93Darque Passage, Part 1
$1.50NMSilver SurferReference3Sep-87Heaven
$1.50NMSilver SurferReference50Jun-91Deeply Buried Secrets!; Silver Metallic 3D Enhanced Cover
$1.50NMSilver SurferReference53Aug-91The Fool On The Throne
$1.50NMSilver SurferReference77Feb-93Turnabout
$2.50NMSilver Surfer AnnualReference41991The Origin of the Silver Surfer; The Korvac Quest, Part 3
$1.50NMSilver Surfer Warlock RessurectionReference2Apr-93Death's Favor
$12.50VGTales to AstonishReference92Jun-67Sub-Mariner and Hulk
$15.00NMThanos (Epiphany Set)Reference1-6Dec-03->Apr-04Thanos Epiphany set of 6 books
$3.00NMThe Mighty Thor Annual Reference141989 
$2.50NMThe Mighty ThorReference340Feb-84Though Hel Should Bar the Way!
$2.50NMThe Mighty ThorReference408Oct-89The Fateful Decision!; Tales of Asgard: There Dwells a Monster!
$2.50NMThe Mighty ThorReference413Jan-90Within Me Dwells a Monster!; Defiance Means Death!
$2.50NMThe Mighty ThorReference416Apr-90The Hero and the Horror!
$2.50NMThe Mighty ThorReference416Apr-90The Hero and the Horror!
$2.50NMThe Mighty ThorReference480Nov-94Blitzkrieg in the Balkans
$2.50NMThe Mighty ThorReference481Dec-94The Living Stone, I Presume?
$2.50NMThe Mighty ThorReference490Sep-95Against the Dying of the Light!
$2.00NMThe Mighty ThorReference503Nov-96 
$2.00NMThe Mighty ThorReference505Jan-97 
$2.00NMThe Mighty ThorReference506Feb-97 
$2.00NMThe Mighty ThorReference508Apr-97 
$2.00NMThe Mighty ThorReference509May-97 
$2.00NMThe Mighty ThorReference510Jun-97 
$2.00NMThe Mighty ThorReference511Aug-97 
$2.00NMThe Mighty ThorReference512Sep-97 
$5.00NMThe Mighty ThorReference1Jul-98In Search of the Gods
$3.00NMThe Mighty ThorReference2Aug-98Deal With the Devil!
$6.00NMThe Mighty ThorReference5Nov-98Heroes: My HammerÉMy Enemy?!
$2.50NMThe Mighty ThorReference7Jan-99Deception!
$2.50NMThe Mighty ThorReference9Mar-99Answers
$2.50NMThe Mighty ThorReference10Apr-99The Dark Wars, Part 1
$2.50NMThe Mighty ThorReference11May-99The Dark Wars, Part 2
$2.50NMThe Mighty ThorReference12Jun-99The Dark Wars, Part 3
$2.50NMThe Mighty ThorReference13Jul-99The Work of Odin
$2.50NMThe Mighty ThorReference17Nov-99The Eighth Day, Part 1
$18.00VFTomb of DraculaReference50Nov-76Dracula vs. the Silver Surfer
$2.50NMUltimate Fantastic FourReference21Sep-05Crossover, Part 1
$2.50NMUltimate Fantastic FourReference21Sep-05Crossover, Part 1 (variant edition)
$2.50NMUltimate Fantastic FourReference22Oct-05Crossover, Part 2
$2.50NMUltimate Fantastic FourReference23Nov-05Crossover, Part 3
$3.00NMUltimate Fantastic FourReference30Jul-06Frightful, Part 1
$3.00NMUltimate Fantastic FourReference31Sep-06Frightful, Part 2
$3.00NMUltimate Fantastic FourReference32Oct-06Frightful, Part 3
$1.50VFWest Coast AvengersReference2Nov-85Sons! Tie-In w/ Vision and Scarlet Witch #2
$1.50NMWhat if?Reference25May-91SS loses to Serpent

Grading (with some consideration for age of comic):

NEAR MINT (NM (9.4), NM+, NM/MT) Nearly perfect. Cover is flat with no surface wear.
Cover inks are bright with high reflectivity and with a minimum of fading. Corners are cut square and sharp with ever so slight blunting permitted. Staples are generally centered and clean with no rust. Cover is well centered and firmly secured to interior pages. Paper is supple and like new. Spine is tight and flat.

VERY FINE (VF (8.0), VF+, VF/NM (9.0)) An excellent copy with outstanding eye appeal. Sharp, bright and clean with supple pages. Pages and covers can be yellowish/tanning (at the most) but not brown and will usually be off-white to white. Light spine wear is permissible. Most comics from the past ten years or so that have been well taken care of will fall somewhere is this category.

FINE (FN (6.0), FN+, FN/VF) An exceptional, above average copy that shows minor wear but still relatively flat, clean and glossy with no subscription crease or brown margins. Typical defects include: light spine wear, minor surface wear, a light crease, minor yellowing/tanning to interior pages. Compared to a VF, cover inks are beginning to show a significant reduction in reflectivity but is till highly collectable and desirable.

VERY GOOD (VG (4.0), VG+, VG/FN) The average used comic book, that has not been taken care of by proper handling and bag & boarding, most commonly found. The comic shows moderate wear but eye appeal has not been reduced to the point that it is not desirable. One or two minor markings on the cover or minor spine roll are allowed. Lightly creased along spine or extremities, subscription crease, loose centerfold, or minor chip or piece missing allowed.

GOOD (GD (2.0), GD+, GD/FN) This comic has all pages and covers, although there may be small rips or tears. Commonly creased, scuffed, abraded, and soiled, but books in this grade are completely readable. Paper quality is low, but not brittle.

FAIR (FR) Very heavily read and soiled, but still complete. Damaged beyond being collectable for most collectors, brings 30 to 50 percent of the good price.

POOR (PR) Sufficiently degraded so as to have little or no collector value. Often severely stained, abraded, defaced, or damaged beyond readability.

Originally from Kit's Silver Age Comic Books Grading Guide & Comic Book Collecting Tips