Facts & Theories

  • Evolution of species is a fact, although discussion continues about the exact details. Here is a good discussion.

    As scientists compare human genes with those of other mammals, tiny worms, even bacteria, the similarities "are absolutely compelling," said Francis S. Collins, who directs the National Human Genome Research Institute and who speaks freely about his Christian faith. "If Darwin had tried to imagine a way to prove his theory, he could not have come up with something better, except maybe a time machine." N.T. Times Interview

    Why not visit the repository of Darwin's written works...

    Dr. Miller's site explaining the legal and scientific approach that defeated the Intelligent Design insurgency in Dover, PA.

  • General relativity is a theory, as amazing and predictive as it is! Visit here for a nice presentation.

  • The existence of God or Gods is a theory. Here is a sampling of the variety of beliefs.

    Here is a fan favorite.

  • Perhaps you believe in mysticism or some other form of magic. Check out this video.

    Do your beliefs withstand the scientific method?

  • Global warming produced by human activities, previously a theory or predicition, is now a FACT!

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